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Entree Vegetarian
Cauliflower BrazuleCauliflower florets tossed in southern spices, ginger &curry leaves then deep-fried (GF) (vegan option available)$10.50
Onion Bhaji /3 pcssliced onion, shredded spinach, green onions mixed well with aromatic light spices, coated with chickpea flour and shallow fried. (g/f, vegan, celiac option available)$8.50
Vegetable Samosa/ 2pcsmashed potatoes, peas, sultanas and aromatic spices filled in a pyramid homemade pastry & crisp fried served with beetroot, carrot & radish salad$10.50
Curry Puffs (6 PCS)A savoury mixture of curry mashed vegetables wrapped in a delicate homemade pastry & crisp fried.$8.50
Tandoor Paneer Tikka / 6pcsCottage cheese marinated overnight and lightly spiced with honey-based yoghurt marination and cooked in tandoor.$19.90
Crispy Stuffed Mushrooms / 4pcsMushroom stuffed with lightly spiced cottage cheese, potatoes & deep-fried in a chickpea homemade batter. (gf)$16.50
Vegetable Spring Roll/ 8pcsMixed Asian vegetables wrapped in a homemade pastry, deep-fried & served with mixed green salad$7.00
Vegetable Platter for 2Platter of crisp fried onion bhaji, curry puffs, crispy fried mushroom and paneer tikka.(GF)$22.50
Entree Meat
Southern Fried ChickenChicken fillets infused with a blend of five-spice herbs, deep-fried, tossed with curry leaves$16.90
Tandoori Chicken Tikka/ 4 pcsTender chicken fillets marinated in yoghurt, tandoori spices and cooked in tandoor. (GF)$19.90
Murgh Malai Tikka /4 pcsSucculent chicken fillets marinated in light spice, cream, yoghurt, coriander, parmesan cheese & cooked in tandoor.(GF)$19.90
Sheek Kebab / 4 pcsMinced lamb flavoured with assorted pepper and light spices, cooked in tandoor. (GF)$19.90
Lamb Chops /3 pcsSucculent baby lamb cutlets marinated in yoghurt, ginger, garlic & green cardamom with a blend of aromatic spice, slow-cooked in tandoor (GF)$24.90
Tandoori Fish Tikka / 3 pcsMorsels of local catch market fish marinated in garlic, yoghurt, ground and fresh spices, black salt, mustard and grilled in tandoor.$22.90
Tandoori Prawns / 4 pcsKing prawns marinated in tandoori sauce and saffron, grilled in a clay oven served with mint sauce.$25.90
Tandoori Chicken (1/2 Serve)Chicken marinated in yoghurt & traditional spices then cooked in tandoor$19.90
Tandoori Chicken (full-serve)Whole Chicken marinated in yoghurt and traditional spices and cooked in tandoor$27.90
Mix Tandoori Platter / for 2Pieces of chicken tikka, Haryali Tikka, sheek kebab and lamb cutlets served with mint sauce$29.90
Murgh Haryali Tikka / 4 pcsTender chicken fillets marinated with mint, baby spinach, cheese, hung yoghurt with a blend of traditional homemade spices and cooked in tandoor.$18.90
Non-Vegetarian Curry
Goan Fish Curry (mild-med)fresh fish fillets cooked in a sauce of coriander, cumin, turmeric powder, ground coconut and kokum. A speciality of northwest India$25.90
Prawn Malabar (mild-med)delicious succulent shelled prawns simmered in coconut milk and delicate spices$25.90
Andhra Fish Curry (mild-med)fresh catch fish fillets cooked in tomato, onion tamarind-based sauce & finished with a touch of coconut cream$25.90
Garlic Prawns (mild-med)Delicious succulent prawns tempered with garlic and cooked with an onion tomato masala and mixed bell peppers.$25.90
Butter Chicken (mild)boneless chicken pieces cooked in tandoor then finished in rich creamy tomato-based sauce$24.90
Chicken Tikka Masala mild-medTandoori chicken fillets cooked with sliced tomatoes, capsicum, onion, fresh coriander and masala sauce$23.90
Darbaar Special Chicken Curryhomestyle chicken curry cooked with touch of fenugreek leaves, garam masala and fresh coriander$24.90
Almond Pumpkin LambTender lamb cooked in pumpkin and almond-based gravy$26.90
Pepper Chicken (med)Popular among the tribal regions of India.Thigh fillets cooked in special tomato gravy, crushed pepper, and coconut milk.$24.90
Lamb Korma (mild-med)a mild preparation of ground roasted cashew nut, hint of spices and fresh cream$23.90
Chicken Korma (mild-med)homestyle chicken curry cooked with touch of fenugreek leaves, garam masala and fresh coriander$22.90
Madras Lamb (mild-med)special dish from Madras cooked with roasted mustard seeds, coconut milk and fresh curry leaves$26.90
Madras Chicken (med-hot)special dish from Madras cooked with roasted mustard seeds, coconut milk and fresh curry leaves$22.90
Saagwala Lamb (mild-med)a curry cooked with baby spinach puree, a blend of aromatic spices & finished with fresh cream.$26.90
Mango Chicken (mild)chicken fillets infused with ground spices, fresh herbs cashews and finished in mango puree and fresh cream$24.90
Saagwala Chicken (mild-med)a curry cooked with baby spinach puree, a blend of aromatic spices & finished with fresh cream.$22.90
Vindaloo Chicken (hot)a speciality meat from Goa, boneless chicken cooked in Vindaloo sauce based on the Portuguese delicacy$23.90
Ghettinad Chicken (hot)Famous dish from the business community ofChennai, chicken morsels cooked in hot, pungent, and fresh Chettinad ground masala.$24.90
Vindaloo Lamb (hot)a speciality meat from Goa, boneless chicken cooked in Vindaloo sauce based on the Portuguese delicacy$26.90
Jalfrezi Lamb (mild-med)A tangy tomato-onion gravy curry mixed vegetables.$26.90
Paneer Butter Masala (mild-med)fresh cauliflower florets and potatoes tempered with onion, cumin, tomato, green chilies, peas, and spices$19.90
Lamb Pepper Fry (mild-med)Diced lamb cooked with curry leaves, ginger, shallots, and mustard seeds and finished with a blend of aromatic Indian pepper masala.$25.90
Lamb Shank (mild-med)Lamb shanks slow-cooked with baby potatoes and shallots and finished with onion tomato masala and a blend ofIndian aromatic spices.$27.90
Jalfrezi Chicken (mild-med)tender chicken fillets cooked in tangy tomato onion gravy and mixed vegetables$23.90
Vegetarian Curry
Baigan Patiala (mild-med)pan seared potatoes and eggplant tossed with aromatic herbs in a rich creamy sauce$19.90
Aloo Gobi (mild-med)fresh cauliflower florets and potatoes tempered with onion, cumin, tomato, green chillies, peas and spices$19.90
Vegetable Korma (mild-med)fresh seasonal vegetables cooked in a gravy of cashew nuts and a creamy mild sauce$18.90
Butter Masala (mild)Cottage cheese cooked in a rich creamy gravy with ground cashew nuts and a hint of spices$22.90
Kadai Paneer mild-medNorth Indian delicacy, cottage cheese cooked in rich flavours of roasted capsicum, tomatoes & onion in a semi-dry masala sauce.$20.90
Vegetable Jalfrezi (mild-med)fresh seasonal vegetables cooked in a tangy tomato onion gravy$19.90
Palak Paneer (mild-med)a puree of fresh leafy spinach cooked with cottage cheese and finished with spices$20.90
Malai Koftadumplings made from cottage cheese and potatoes finished in rich korma sauce gravy$22.90
Dahl Makhni (mild-med)black lentils cooked overnight with fresh tomatoes and dry fenugreek leaves$19.90
Dahl Tadka (mild-med)mixed Lentils simmered in a slow fire overnight and tempered with onion, ginger, garlic and tomatoes$18.90
Yellow Dahl & Spinach (mild-med)mixed lentils slow-cooked, tempered with onion, ginger, garlic, & fresh baby spinach & tomatoes$19.90
Bombay Potatoes (mild-med)potatoes tempered with cumin, mustard seeds, garlic, onions, dry roasted Bombay masala and coriander$18.90
Basmati Saffron Rice (sm)$5.00
Basmati Saffron Rice (lrg)$7.00
Jeera Ricecumin flavoured rice with peas$9.90
Vegetable Biryanibasmati rice cooked with fresh vegetables and a variety of aromatic spices in a dum method of cooking$18.90
Chicken BiryanniBasmati rice sealed with boneless chicken meat in a variety of aromatic spices$25.90
Lamb BiryanniBasmati rice sealed with boneless lamb in a variety of aromatic spices$27.90
Prawn BiryaniBasmati rice dum cooked with prawns, herbs, and aromatic spices.$28.90
Tandoor Breads
Aloo Kulcha 1pcPlain flour bread stuffed with masala potato and spices$6.90
Roti 1pcflattened bread made from whole wheat flour, (vegan option)$3.50
Plain Naan1pc Fluffy plain flour bread baked in tandoor$3.90
Butter Naan1pc Special flaky and layered plain flour bread$6.50
Cheese NaanNaan bread stuffed with mozzarella and cottage cheese$5.00
Garlic Naan1pc plain flour bread with touch of garlic and freshly chopped coriander$5.50
Cheese & Garlic NaanNaan bread stuffed with mozzarella and cottage cheese and topped with garlic butter$5.90
Cheese & Spinach Naan 1pcNaan bread stuffed with a mixture of mozzarella and cottage cheese and fresh baby spinach$6.90
Chicken Tikka & Cheese NaanNaan bread stuffed with a blend of chicken tikka and cheese and topped with butter$6.90
Lamb Seekh NaanNaan bread stuffed with tandoori seekh kebab and mixed with cheese and coriander.$8.90
Pishwari Naanbread stuffed with dry fruits and nuts$6.90
Pappadum BasketCrisp round flatbread made from chickpeas and lentils cooked with dry heat served with spicy mint chutney, date, tamarind chutney & sweet mint chutney.$5.00
Sweet Mango Chutney$3.00
Mix Pickles$3.00
Lacha PyazThin crisp sliced onion roundels, tossed with home made spicy mint sauce and served with Lemon olive oil dressed mix green lettuce.$5.90
Salad Salatomato, onion, cucumber and coriander$5.90
RaitaIndian yoghurt sauce of cucumber, mint, and coriander.$3.00
Kids Meal
Chicken NuggetsHouse-made thigh fillets marinated in light spices, tossed flour, and deep-fried$12.40
Mughlai Chicken Tikkachicken fillets marinated in light spice cream, yoghurt then cooked in the tandoor$14.40
Fried Fish and Chipslocal fresh$12.90
Baigan Cholay (mild-med)North Indian delicacy of chickpeas cooked with eggplant in a gravy of tomatoes, brown onion and finished with a touch of garam masala.   (vegan option available)$19.90
Chocolate RasmalaiClassic Indian homemade dessert made with milk, sugar, and saffron then flavoured with dark shredded chocolate.$12.00
Mango KulfiTraditional Indian homemade mango flavoured ice cream, served with mint, strawberry, and rose water.$12.00
Gulab JamunTraditional deep-fried homemade dessert made from cheese and milk solids served warm with chilled vanilla ice cream$14.00


All the entrees on the menu are served with a mixed green lettuce salad.All the kebabs on the menu are served with an Aegean crispy slaw salad in a hot sizzler. All our curries are gluten-free.

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